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We were looking for a photographer to tell our story, we wanted the joy of our time to be expressed after a difficult time ... we met Oleg, we are thrilled with the result because thanks to Oleg over a beautiful photo express feelings and emotions. Thanks Oleg Magni you are extraordinary! You are not just a photographer but an artist who immortalises the feelings of the soul through a photo.


Oleg was the photographer for our wedding ... what can we say? SPECTACULAR! He followed us with discretion during the preparations, the ceremony and the celebrations. Not only did he make us feel comfortable during the photo shoot, he also managed to entertain us! The most important thing, though, is that the photos managed to capture the soul and emotions of a day



I did a photo shoot with him. I had a great time and put me at ease. Very nice and competent person. Beautiful and professional photographs. Thank you very much again!


I followed his basic photography course. Very useful and interesting. Oleg is available and flexible. Personalized and clear documentation. Thanks to this course I became more aware of my reflex photo spot. I recommend his course to anyone who wants to approach the world of photography for the first time.

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